It’s all about you

Monica and David McGarva therapists and counselors Woodland Hills CA

Therapy is all about you. It’s a place to focus on yourself for a while. A place to talk with someone friendly, independent, and sincerely interested in you. A place to speak safely about the challenges of daily life – relationships, stress, depression, whatever’s on your mind.

We like to see clients feel better fast, so that’s what we work to achieve. Most people come here for just a few weeks: we know the biggest benefits of therapy usually happen in the early stages.

About us:

– Monica includes clinical hypnosis in her work when appropriate, and takes a deep interest in the pain and disorientation of trauma. More about Monica, including an interview

– David focuses on your self awareness, so you can make the changes you want. He also takes a special interest in the challenges of our creative clients. In addition, David offers rapid anger management training, and sees angry men and women in one-on-one sessions. More about David, including an interview

– Together, we offer two-on-two counseling to couples. We’re both licensed marriage and family therapists as well as licensed professional clinical counselors.

Let’s get started:

Our office in Woodland Hills

Our office is comfortable and welcoming. It’s a place to relax and feel safe. But it’s also a place to get to work; and if you’re ready, you can take the first step in a few seconds. Ready?

Call us at (818) 835-2514, or write us on the contact page. One of us will respond personally, promptly and professionally. You decide if we fit what you’re looking for; and if we do, let’s arrange to meet. There is never a hard sell.

We actually do pick up the phone (when we can)! And we return calls!! So if you get our voicemail, please use it.

Monica McGarva MA LMFT
David McGarva PhD LMFT LPCC
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