1adding links

open in new window:

change       <a href=”https://www.mcgarvatherapy.com/mypage“>
<a href=”https://www.mcgarvatherapy.com/mypage” target=”_blank”>


save document as pdf.
upload/insert media.
browse for document and upload.  Type the text you want to show.
Click at the bottom: Link to media file and Insert to page.

To use any font (not just Google), just copy and paste these two things before and after it:Your text here.

Extra notes that you might not need:
To change font size, use a percentage: Your text here.
If you want to apply a font to a section that’s already inside tags, like

your text here


your text here

put the new code inside the tags:

Your text here.

To install a Google font that you found at fonts.google.com,
copy and paste the code they give you which looks something like Paste it into Appearance->Editor->”One column, no sidebar Page Template”. It goes around 30 lines down, right before the Kaushan line.