You want to be in charge of how you react when you feel angry? You want people to stop avoiding you? You want them to treat you better? Would you like living around them to be easier and more fun?

There are changes you can make that might make this happen.

Talk to us. David has intensive experience in anger control (he developed and led an anger workshop, which ran for ten years in a major psychiatric clinic here in the Valley. He personally met thousands of members in 700 group sessions. His certificates have never been refused by courts or employers… and spouses seem to like them too). He’s now offering private help to people who want to find new ways to deal with their anger.

It’s fast, friendly, and never furious. Change typically happens quickly. The recommended number of meetings is five (you read that right, five, not 52). If you need more, it’s available, but we’ll never force it on you.

How can people change old habits so quickly?

The secret is that David only works with people who seriously want to work with him. Are you sure you’ve had enough of anger telling you what to do? Are you ready to do homework and report back on it? If you’re only reading this because somebody told you to “take an anger management class” or “see someone”, this may not be what you’re looking for; call anyway, to find out about an affordable 52-week program in the San Fernando Valley. But if you agree with them and you’re here by choice, that’s fine, you’re welcome! And that’s why no time is wasted and we can straight down get to work.

The rest is simple. A few early morning appointments may be available.

Questions? Or ready to get started? Text or call David at (818) 584-6789 (day or night, and if you reach voicemail please leave a message), or email