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Life is full of change, isn’t it? Sometimes change is easy and you might even look forward to it. Sometimes the change happens to someone else in your life, and it affects you.   And sometimes you WANT a change, and it doesn’t seem to be happening.

If you’re looking for an independent professional to talk to in total confidence, about the challenges that most of us face from time to time – relationships, stress, parenting, bereavement, anger or depression… well, you’ve taken the first step by reading this.

Our last office, in Woodland Hills

Our last office, in Woodland Hills

Maybe you’ve been involved in a traumatizing event and it’s time to move on? Monica works with trauma and anxiety, and offers clinical hypnosis.Maybe you’re trying to identify your life’s work, or you’ve hit a roadblock in making it happen? David works with motivation, particularly writer’s block. He also offers breakfast-time coaching for angry men, which is designed to be fast, friendly and not furious.

As a team we offer two-on-two coaching to motivated couples.

Why wait?  Call (818) 835-2514 (day or night, and if you hit the voicemail, use it), email info@mcgarvatherapy.com or use our appointment request form right now. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!