Is Therapy for Me?

I’m not ok with the way I’m leading my life / achieving my potential / dealing with people. I think it’s all because of my childhood. Or mistakes I made later.
A lot of people have memories they don’t like to look at. Some of these memories are real bad ones. Other people blame themselves for all those wasted years. We respect your experience, and we’d like to talk about how to have a different future. If that’s why you’re here, give us a call.

My spouse / partner wants me to “see someone” about my temper and depression.
If your partner doesn’t feel safe and relaxed, for any reason, that’s worth changing. We don’t assume there’s anything wrong with you. We guess you’re committed to making things better, and serious about the future. Come talk to us one time and see how it goes. By the way, David has years of experience helping with anger.  Early hours, too, so you can be on your way to work, school or errands.

I think there’s a chemical imbalance in my brain.
We don’t like to assume there’s anything wrong with you. Most people are just doing their best in a challenging world, maybe getting in the way of other folks along the way, and it doesn’t mean they have some kind of manufacturing defect. We like to help people know themselves better, and see their options more clearly.

But of course there are medical conditions that can interfere with how you feel, such as hypothyroidism. At your annual physical, make sure to tell your doctor about any unwanted feelings or behaviors. If they see a problem that might respond to medication, they can treat it, or refer you to a psychiatrist. They may additionally suggest you call a therapist. We’ll be here.

I want to finish this screenplay / mail this resume / get new headshots taken. So… why don’t I?
Hey, purposefulness, productivity and procrastination are some of David’s favorite challenges! He’d love to explore ways to release your passion. Don’t put it off, write him now.

My husband / girlfriend / significant other seems to have a mental illness. Can you fix it?
Set an example by entering therapy yourself (this doesn’t apply if you’re perfect and your partner admits you are 🙂). You can work with a male therapist or a female therapist.

Okay, I’m ready to try therapy. But I don’t think you’re right for me: you seem too old, too youthful; too caring, too casual; too straight, too sensitive; too quiet, too opinionated; too white; too funny, too serious…
You’re probably right. You know your own needs. Give us a call or email, let us know what kind of person you would feel comfortable with, and maybe a few words about why you want to see them at this time. We like to help people feel better, so if we know the person you’re looking for, it’ll be a pleasure to put you in touch.