Kids & disasters, violence

Helping children cope with DISASTERS, SHOOTINGS, TRAUMA

Very young children may not have the words to describe their feelings, so
  • Help them to describe their feelings.
  • Give physical comfort- snuggles and cuddles.
Older children might feel afraid and overwhelmed.
  • Explain what happened in simple terms:
    Answer only the question that’s asked.
  • Limit exposure to news coverage on television, radio and the internet.
Children often take their cues from the important adults in their lives
  • Watch the news together so you can answer questions.
  • Take breaks:  Watch light-hearted shows, take part in other family activities.

For more on this topic, visit this page  from the American Psychological Association and this from the New York Times.

And you can find out about “sheltering in place” when you go to this link   from the CDC.

This isn’t meant to frighten anyone.  You might find that being familiar with something decreases the fear.  Whether there’s a threat of violence at work or at school, or you’re in the path of a big storm, being prepared- having a plan- helps to cut down the anxiety.