The magic of marriage

Need to tune up your communication? We’re a married couple of licensed therapists and counselors who have been making it work for 18 years (we don’t pretend that was easy! – luckily we’re both professionals at this). We enjoy meeting with other couples who want to recover the joy of their relationships.

A long term romance is a difficult thing. It’s exciting and relaxing all at once. It’s a forever commitment, in a world where things are temporary. When your partner doesn’t happen to be on the same page, it’s all too easy to blame them. You can work on this. We love to help other couples do that. That’s what we do here!

A quick note: we don’t care if clients are straight, transgender, or into BDSM or polyamory or anything else that’s consensual.

Bring your partner to two-on-two counseling this week! Give us a call right now, or just fill out this form.

Monica and David
July 10, 2017