Sleep- You’re not the only one awake

Me: *tries to sleep*

Brain: HEY, remember that really embarrassing thing you did seven years ago?

Let’s have a think about that                                 –


Me:  What are the lyrics to every ‘80s sitcom I’ve ever seen

Brain:  Coming right up

Me:  Remember to pay that bill.

Brain:  Nope.                                                 –Dumb Beezie @dumbbeezie


Brain:  Hey, remember that Lost episode where the couple gets paralyzed DO THOSE SPIDERS LIVE NEAR US


Brain:  NO, GOOGLE IT.                                –Carly Danger @carlyken 


Research presented at the American Psychological Association’s 2013 meeting in Honolulu showed you don’t always need eight hours;  the problem is worrying about getting enough sleep!

Try this:

  • Don’t use your bedroom for anything but sleep and sex: no TV, no reading, no studying.  Just sleep.  And sex.
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal late in the evening; try having something light- like yogurt- about 90 minutes before bed.
  • Don’t drink caffeinated beverages in the evening.
  • Don’t exercise in the evening- plan your workouts for earlier in the day.
  • Stop using the computer, cell phone, reader, TV about an hour before bed.
  • Use relaxation techniques.
  • If you are taking medications, talk to your doctor about timing.  Some anti-depressants and ADHD meds are more activating/sedating and it might help to change your routine.