Oh, the challenges of grad school- the papers and exams, the juggling, the Zooming!  dualWhether it’s the requirement to log personal therapy hours, or you need the extra support, we’d like to help.  Your own therapy is a great way to find out about your new career, and you’re also likely to find it benefits other parts of your life.

Is getting your master’s or doctoral degree part of re-inventing yourself?  Are you nervous about exams or papers?


Monica specializes in test anxiety, clinical hypnosis, and transitions.

David specializes in creativity, procrastination, and anger management.



You’ll be using the DSM for the remainder of your traineeship/associateship/clinical career, so why not make it easier!  After a little research, Kinko’s was more agreeable than Staples or Office Depot and replaced the binding so the book stays open during use.  And the guy who did it, kindly (and without asking) punched the holes close to the center so as not to interfere with the printing at all.  July 2017, the price for both standard and pocket-sized totaled under $15 and took maybe half-an-hour.  You may also want to check out basic pre-formatted tabs or in color.


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