It’s Fall and nice to get back to familiar routines, isn’t it?  Routine can be a source of comfort when stress pops up, and even as you’re reading this, you might be thinking of the kinds of things that help to relieve it:  Taking a walk or a yoga class?  Smoking cigarettes?  And are you thinking that if you give up cigarettes, “tense” will be your new routine?

Monica has a certification in clinical hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  She is offering a three session smoking cessation program that addresses the problem without the use of nicotine patches.  There have been reports on the effectiveness of hypnosis in this area, including one from U.S. News and World Report that you can see here.

When you come to your first stop smoking session, Monica will ask you to answer these two questions, among a few others:

1)  What are all the reasons you have to stop smoking?

2)  What are all the reasons you have NOT to stop smoking?

Question #2 can have a big impact on the success of your program.  Get in touch now to find out more!