Re-building trust        

Here’s How:
1. Make a decision to love.
2. Decide to forgive, or to be forgiven.
3. Both of you must renew your commitment to your partnership and one another.
4. If you are the one in who lied, cheated, etc., show that the errant behavior is gone by changing your behavior: No more secrets, lies, infidelity, etc.
5. Together with your partner, set specific goals for getting your relationship back on track.
6. The wounded partner must share the pain. The other must acknowledge the hurt caused by the devastating experience of being lied to or cheated on.
7. Listen completely to one another and with your heart, not just your head.
8. Avoid using words that can trigger conflict. Use non-blaming ‘I’ statements and stay away from always, must, never, and should.
9. Take responsibility for your own actions and decisions.

1. Recognize that rebuilding trust takes time. It won’t happen overnight.
2. It’s okay to remember the incidents and the betrayal. You may not forget what happened, but the pain eventually will go away.
3. Be aware of your feelings and share them with one another.
4. Be open to gain a better understanding into what caused the trust to be broken.