How’s the “fit?”

If you’re looking for someone friendly, professional and independent to talk to in confidence about the challenges most of us face from time to time – relationships, stress, depression, anger, and the rest – David would love to help!  He likes to see clients feel better fast using a modern brief therapy approach.

He helps people who have decided to deal with such challenges as

  • mastering anger
  • overcoming anxiety
  • solving career and other life decisions
  • getting past writer’s block and other creative issues.
  • David’s doctoral research explored the motivation of professional screenwriters   more about David

Let’s get started:

The McGarva office is… your home or office!  Choose somewhere that is comfortable and where you can relax and feel safe while working on the things that brought you to therapy.

You’ve already taken the first step by reading this far, so now take the second: call, email or text!

We actually do pick up the phone (when we can)! And we return calls!! So if you get voicemail, please use it.